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Bespoke dress with belt and fitted bar style jacket. 



Simla silk x 4 metres
cotton interling
silk lining
covered buttons


Simla silk ivory 4 metres
satin acetate 

Simla Silk £144
Taffeta - £54
Components - £75
Labour: 25 hours £500

To include 3 fittings

Deadline: 10th October

Paid deposit - 4th August and measured. Design confirmed. £386.50

3rd September first fitting - dress alterations, major jacket alterations to take in, belt to be draped. 
4th September - second fitting re-look at dress

22nd September - third fitting, dress complete. Belt to be adjusted. Jacket to be remade with longer sleeves and 4 inches extra to front panels bust and waist. Shoulder to remain the same cut. 

22nd September - fabrics reordered for jacket 3m silk and silk lining plus vat and carriage - £144

27th September - 4th fitting with dress, belt and jacket.

Dress - remove 1.5 cms of top fabric from waistline as bousing, reline 10" of skirt lining in red as white showing through legs. Repress dart to match. Trim back with buttons.

Belt - remake to side that is working. Trim with single button and hidden hook fastening

Jacket - take in CB where pinned, take in over chest where pinned. Press hem to flute, make provisional half belt, 5 button fastening. 

28th September - alterations carried out

30th September -  final fitting, half belt to be added, button cuff to be added. All good to go ready and steamed. Collection Tuesday.