1950s Mid Century Print Collection

My very good friend Lois has finally decided to part with her incredible 1950s mid century printed fashion collection. 
As with most collectors, there comes a day when your collection is complete, your attention shifts, you've enjoyed the hunt for fabulous pieces and styling them every way you can imagine. 
Sharing your treasured fashion collection and letting it out into the world for others to enjoy and own, is a wonderful rare gift. 

Over the coming weeks Lois's collection will be making to the website featuring 1950s illustrated full skirts, novelty print summer dresses and some super rare and kitsch separates. 
Lois has always had a wonderful eye and I am so excited to offer these pieces of 1950s textile design history. 

Here are a few of my favourites..... All available to buy in the shop here.

1950s red novelty print summer dress - alexandra king vintage

This dress features romantic scenes in a cameo, tied with a bow and surrounded with roses on a lipstick red background. I love the matching belt! 

1950s vintage hollywood print novelty skirt

Hollywood stars print with Elizabeth Taylor with illustrated stage scenes in the background and graphic line drawings of studio lights. The layering to this design is wonderful.

1950s mid century illustrated novelty skirt alexandra king vintage

The most gorgeous illustration of a seaside town with buildings, shops, boardwalks, boats and seagulls. The style of this drawing is my favourite in the loose 50s brushwork.

1950s poodle print illustrated John Wolfe textile skirt Alexandra King

It doesn't get more iconic than this! 1950s toy poodles on a full skirt in a lovely textured cotton in black and yellow. 

1950s novelty print cat skirt mid century design Alexandra King

Finally these gorgeous cats on black cotton with a leopard tabby print and polka dot bows.