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'ALEXANDRA KING' is a British fashion designer working from her studio in Somerset, UK. Specializing in Old Hollywood Glamour, sustainable red carpet fashion and a vintage aesthetic.

Alexandra graduated in fashion and textile design in 2005 from The University of the West of England and launched her label in 2009 after working at the heart of the vintage clothing market in Bristol. It was whilst sorting through hundreds of thousands of vintage dresses she learnt what goes into the most beautiful of gowns throughout history. 

Old Hollywood glamour, sustainable luxury and ballet inspired beauty are key to the hand crafted collections that include bridal, one of a kind and vintage gowns and accessories. Available to buy online.

In 2019 Alexandra King worked in collaboration with 'Deadly is the Female' to launch a capsule collection designed and made in Somerset and available exclusively at the Frome boutique. 

'Everyone deserves to enjoy the fun of dressing up and feeling incredible. But that should be done without cost to the planet or people.
I am proud to design and produce sustainable fashion in rural Somerset reaching our customers all over the world.'

'This dress was made by hand please love me, wear me, repair and recycle me. Don't dump me!' 

The online boutique holds all the ready to wear, bridal and one of a kind accessories along with a vintage collection dating from the 1910s up to the 1980s. We hand select the most fabulous dresses to compliment our vintage inspired ready to wear and bridal collections.

For all enquiries please contact; Alexandra King

Telephone: 07841 718877
Business address - Waterfront Farm, Biddisham Lane, Biddisham, Somerset, BS26 2RS

The studio is not open to the public. Please call or email for more details of in person consultations.



Absolutely fabulous
"An absolutely wonderful experience as soon as you enter the shop. Alexandra is very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and great at putting you at your ease whilst you chose your garment. I cannot praise this fabulous little shop highly enough. Cannot wait to pick up my dress, am so excited !!"

"Absolutely fabulous place and a truly wonderful experience. Alexandra is so helpful and so kind, she really knows how to help you be the best that you can be with the stunning creations she has and can deliver. Never ever had a bespoke dress made for me and it will make my daughter's wedding even more special than it'll already be. Thank you so much x"
Susan, Bristol

Beautiful Dresses, Beautiful Studio
My dress is perfect and it was a pleasure to visit Alexandra's beautiful studio in Wells.
Mary, London

I love my dress, I couldn't be anymore happy, such an amazing service, will recommend to whoever I possibly can"

The right dress
"Thank you for making the experience of finding the 'right' dress so fun and easy! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for a special dress."

Expert Artistry
"I am having a bespoke wedding dress made by Alexandra and I can't recommend her highly enough. I couldn't find what I was looking for in any shops but she and her team have taken my ideas and used their expertise and artistry to turn it into a reality. She is passionate about her work and she made me feel immediately comfortable in this new venture!" 
Emma, Durham

Perfect Design
I loved my initial consultation, Alex was really open to my suggestions and built on ideas I had to make them work for me and the type of wedding i am having. Really excited to see the proposal and what happens next.
Jo, Bath

Great Shopping experience
"Thank you for the brilliant experience today. Your dresses are even more lovely when seen. Alexandra you have the perfect approach, attentive yet relaxed, which made the task of wedding dress shopping really enjoyable and fun. Thank you!"
Charlotte, London

Sparkling Wedding Gown
"We went for our initial consultation today for my wedding dress and and bridesmaid dresses. The consultation was amazing, we had a lovely welcome and then talked though all the designs and she did a few sketches of my vision. The whole process was flawless and I'm so excited to see the final designs. Highly recommended if you want that personal touch and truly unique dress."
Hannah, Swindon

Old Hollywood Wedding Dress
"Everything about the experience of having this dress made has been magical. I can't wait to wear the finished dress."
Anna, London

Dressed to Perfection

"I was first introduced to Alexandra by a friend, and from that first meeting I knew that I wanted her to design and make my wedding, bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride dress. Alexandra makes you feel special from the moment you enter her beautful little shop and studio in Wells, Somerset. She offers you a truly personal experience, and each time you leave there is always a spring in your step. The process from consultation to completed dress has been a long one because I wanted to get started from the moment I was engaged back in 2016. Each time we have visited the store for a fitting, alteration or meeting we were delighted with the results and it has been magic watching each dress' progress. On saturday 12th May we went to Alexandra's for the last time, where we tried on our beautiful dresses and were treated to a mini photo shoot by Alexandra herself. I can truly say that we felt like royalty. I am so excited for my guests to see Alexandra's wonderful designs and I will absolutely be back to her in the future. If I had to do it all again- I wouldn't do anything differently. It was perfect."


Magnificent Red Dress
"I can't believe how good it feels to wear one of Alex's creations. The materials are beautiful and the colours exquisite and she just knows which colour is the perfect match...wonderful experience"

Dream Country Wedding Dress
'Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful wedding dress for me. I loved every bit of it and I am so grateful to you for helping me to make my ideas a reality'
Alice, Frome UK

Mother of the bride outfit
Brilliant service by a very talented lady! Thank you Alexandra for making my 'Indian' styled outfit for my daughter's wedding in July. Very happy.
Christine, Wells

Sequin goddess gown
'Special thanks to Alexandra King for the most fabulous dress I have, or will ever wear!'
Holly, London

Barbican wedding gown
'Thank you for my beautiful wedding dress. I had so many compliments on the day and will treasure it for all my days.'
Cathy, London

Oh so chic Wedding Dress
'I just wanted to say a huge, massive and warm thank you for making me the most dreamy dress EVER! I absolutely loved wearing it.'
Gill, Glasgow

Blue sequin prom dress
'I have just received the dress… It is…divine.
I am so in love, it fits me so perfectly and it looks soo beautiful!
Thank you so much, this is definitely the most beautiful dress ever ever ever.' Natascha, Germany


 My Promise to you

As an independent designer with a tiny little business designing and making dresses and accessories from my Somerset studio, it is important that we stay true to our values especially in a world of fast cheap fashion.

Being a designer maker I get to oversee every part of the dress from idea, to sourcing the fabric, cutting and making, to wrapping it up and taking it to the post office. I know where each dress goes. This is really important to me and here is what you can expect if you would like one of my dresses.

An incredible dress - work I'm proud of that has wow factor. Made to excellent standards here at my studio.

The best possible customer service - You the customers are always right about how you feel. It is a given that you should happy when purchasing anything from us. Happy customers, happy me. I don't get to make dresses without you.

Respect We treat everyone equally with the respect, kindness and compassion that everyone deserves no matter what age, size, faith, gender, wealth or ability.  

We Listen - listening to what you want is so important in getting your bespoke dress right. Expect lots of chat about ideas, how you feel in clothes, weddings, everything in order to make your dress.

Time - We do slow fashion. Our dresses take as long as they take to get right for you. I want you to know we have all the time in the world to make your dress amazing. 

No pushy sales No one will try the hard sell on you, I hate it myself and I don't want you to feel pushed into something you don't want. I love sharing what we have created with you and am always happy to help even if you don't buy anything. 

Great value - Yes my dresses can seem expensive due to the time (blood, sweat and tears!) and materials (the most beautiful in the world) that go into them. But I don't inflate prices and will do my best to work with most budgets. Price per wear they are great value and the dresses are made to last a lifetime. Nothing should be worn just once even your wedding dress!
The Deadly is the female collection is our diffusion line still cut and made by hand here at the studio but in runs of 10 to 20 of each dress. These are more affordable than our one of a kind pieces but should still last as long.

Trust - You can put trust in us not just to make you an amazing dress but to be professional, polite, compassionate and honest. I want to give you the very best we can. 

Confidentiality - what is said in the studio, stays in the studio. I'll sometimes share knowledge gained in order to help others regarding a design or situation but your privacy and details are always protected. We don't use or sell any data and don't have a mailing list. 

Individuality - we are all individuals and you will be treated as such. You are not one of a herd and your dress is just for you.

Feeling great about yourself - this is always the main goal. To make you look in the mirror and feel genuinely confident and beautiful in one of my dresses. There is nothing better than this reaction and watching people see how fabulous they are.

'No' - Sometimes I'll say no if something wont work and you can too. I'll never let anyone leave in a dress that doesn't look incredible. I'll kindly decline requests that may not look great or fit in with my design aesthetic. If you don't feel comfortable with something you can also say no or ask to make a change. 

Returns and Change of Mind - Your consumer rights are always protected online and in store. We treat where you purchase your dress equally and I will always fix it for you if anything goes wrong. 

Here are our Terms and Conditions in full. 

In return for all this I just ask you to be the great people you are and love my dresses. 


Ethics and values 

Buying a dress should be fun and make you happy.

We do not knowingly exploit anyone or anything in the making of the dresses. We have checked our suppliers and pay fair prices for materials and pay fair wages. We responsibly source fabrics knowing our suppliers.

Responsibly handle any waste from the production of dresses not harming the environment. We are trying to get down to zero waste and at the moment dispose of one bin of waste every two weeks the same as a household.

Respect for all people, animals and the environment. We don't use or sell real vintage fur. We do use responsibly sourced British feathers, silk and leather. 

My aesthetic vision as a designer is mine, it is never intended to make anyone feel bad about themselves. What we wear and how we look should always be our own personal choice.

To be as inclusive to all, no matter what age, shape, nationality, gender, culture, skin shade or ability.

We work with other designers and makers not against them. Its all about collaboration not competition and support other small businesses doing great things. Recommending people we genuinely think are brilliant.

Politely refuse to work for or with negative people or companies who harm others.