Couture Craftsmanship

With each Alexandra King dress you are buying a one of a kind piece, designed and handcrafted at our atelier in Wells, Somerset. We only make up to 200 dresses a year and each will be the only one of it's kind in the world.

Many dedicated hours go into perfecting the gown you are going to wear so that you can feel truly incredible in a piece of luxury. Craftsmanship is central to the journey of each and every Alexandra King gown and here is the story of one of our dresses.

The Spark of Inspiration

It all starts with a spark ... a glimpse of a fabric, a Hollywood Goddess on the silver screen or a flash of colour. Inspiration can be found in everything and is constantly emerging in a designers thoughts each and every day. Designs are researched, developed and sketched. Fabrics carefully selected from our collection and the plans are set for a dress that will become truly sensational.

Inside the atelier the dress starts with a base pattern, developed and refined over many years to create the perfect bodice shapes for our dresses. The base fabric is laid out on the cutting table and hand cut piece by piece.
From there the bodice is sewn and structured ready to drape the fabrics upon. Fold by fold is pinned and re-pinned positioning the fabric until the drape is perfectly contouring to the body.
Underskirts are built and the full skirt is placed to the waistline then stitched securely. The pins are transformed into delicate stitches over the bodice and the many hours of embellishment to the finished design starts.

With every thread trimmed and the hem sharpened the Alexandra King label is ready to be hand stitched inside the dress marking it's quality. The gown is now ready to be photographed, displayed and presented in waiting to make someone beautiful.

Couture Pricing

For a dress to be designed and hand crafted exclusively for you and to your requirements, will take many hours to complete here at our studio.

- You will be invited for a consultation where we will discuss your occasion and design with you, the perfect dress.

- Alexandra will then research fabrics and refine your design and provide an accurate quote.

- Once happy with the final design, your measurements will be taken and the pattern cutting process will start.

- A toile (sample dress in calico or similar fabric to your design) will be made and you will visit for a first fitting. Here we will perfect the fit ready to cut the final fabric.

- At your second fitting the dress will be sewn without the final finish and zip to double check the lengths with your shoes and underwear.

- The dress will then be hand finished and made ready for the final sign off. Once we are all completely happy with your gown and everything has been checked, we will sign off your gown. It will then be available to take home or will be delivered to you at your venue. 

Couture evening and occasion dresses take a minimum of 50 hours with prices from £1100

Couture wedding gowns take a minimum of 80 hours with prices starting at £2400

For all enquiries please contact; Alexandra King

Telephone: 01749 672528

Fittings and viewings by appointment only. Please call or email for more details.