Coca Cola Red Tassel Skirt

vintage coca cola t shirt red tassel skirt alexandra king
There's always been something I find magical about the Coca Cola logo. Its not about the sugary drink but in all its red shiny swirls, is the sign of the American Dream. The dream that is filled with hope, aspiration and as Baz Luhrmann puts it, 'The far far away'. It comes up on billboards in his films, the glittering sign they dance in front of on the roof in Strictly Ballroom, the 'L'Amour' sign in Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge. 
When I found this T-shirt it was perfect for the shoot with Sarah and designed a sequin mini skirt with flapper tassels to match. To me this Gatsby, frivolity and a bit of hope and magic.  
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Coca Cola T shirt here
tasselled mini skirt alexandra king sketch
vintage coca cola t shirt red tasselled sequin mini skirt alexandra king