Gingham The Final Photos

alexandra king gingham ballgown

Styling the Gingham Ballgown this Summer. 

This Gingham project as been a haven during this years busy wedding season. Researching and designing this collection has been incredibly important to me and I never knew at the start that Gingham would take me on such a journey. 

The world changed in 2016, I never thought that the world would go backwards like it did and gingham gave me hope that it might just start moving forward again. 

From its origins gingham has always been an international fabric. Along with cotton it involves all of us humans and from its horrid past, it can now be a fabric of a positive future. 

Today, here in the UK were are 'mainly' safe to be the individuals we are. Many of us are a cross weave in our heritage, in our genders and in our identities just like gingham. It will be a reminder to think of the people involved in the production of our fabrics, our world history to strive for new equality and fairness everywhere.

I will always use it and look at gingham as a symbol of hope.  

alexandra king gingham ballgownalexandra king gingham ballgown

alexandra king gingham ballgown dressalexandra king gingham ballgown dress