Ch Cha Disco Glitter Tulle Dress

glitter tulle dress sketch

The dress design sketch

This dress was inspired by the idea of Cha Cha from Grease being at Studio 54. I love the way she rocks up to the prom in Grease, ready to win the dance competition and being the coolest girl ever. She totally steals the show. 

I can ust imagine her being the life of the party at Studio 54 dancing all night with Bianca and Halston.

I knew instantly what the dress would be like once I saw the fabric. I love the glitter tulle, dotted with tiny holographic dots on a strong tulle. 

The dress.

The dress was designed with a boned boidce and classic 1950s full skirted shape but with visible cups. I really liked the sheer details of the studio 54 guests outfits and added sheer edging to the sweetheart and straps. I may want to take this further with a completely sheer bodice made from just a couple of layers of tulle. 

The skirt is made up of layers of tulle all in this fabulous holographic tulle so that when you look through the tulle its like a whole universe of stars. I just love the depth to this tulle!

Finished with a grosgrain bow. 

The styling

This was simply styled for the photos but really I would have loved Cha Cha aka Annette Charles to have turned up to studio 54 in this dress big curls, turquoise tights, silver strappy shoes and a massive turquoise fur coat to walk through the crown in.