Happy 2024!

Hope for the New Year, Alexandra King sketch of woman in red dress releasing doves.

Happy New Year! It's been a while!

Firstly Thank You to anyone reading this and for a wonderful 2023 to all the amazing people who have supported me. I know I said all this on social media, but Thank you so much to each and every person, whether you buy big or small or just like what I do. It means the absolute world to me!

Creatively in 2024 I will be setting myself some goals to bring you extra beautiful things. 
I'd like to design and sketch a lot more than I do now. Maybe a 365 project awaits?
Produce gowns that quietly wow me and you, using the fabrics I've been dreaming of using.
Find anything old and sparkly for the vintage collection that makes me excited about fashion all over again. I'll often do a little squeak!
Connect with other like minded creatures who make me want to try harder.
And record these things I make with my hands in great photographs so I can remember how they made me feel.

Personally in 2024, I have a home to decorate (watch this space on soft furnishings).
There's a garden to fill with flowers, in particular roses. 
Places to see in the world that will inspire me. Venice just for a few days last year blew my mind!
Spend time not rushing with good friends and family. 
Write a bit. Photograph a bit. Learn a lot.
And luckily, I may get to do all this with someone I love. 

I'm forever dreaming about what I could possibly do, this year I'd like to open the tiny door in my brain and let all those ideas out into reality.
Hopefully not like some weird ectoplasm!

A new Year awaits and please may it be hopeful and joyful and kind and fun.