Studio 54 Inspiration and Disco Tulle Skirt




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Studio 54 enlightened my imagination way back when I was 14 or 15. TGI Friday (the ultimate disco movie) had been on TV and I purchased my first vintage garment, a 1970s russet red suede jacket with huge shearling collar. Before the internet I devoured books on anything fashion related and at the school library they had 'The Fashion Book' which introduced me to fashion and a basic history including the words studio 54. 

So I was into 70s before I discovered 50s and fell head over heels with full skirts again. Ballet was my first love and is why I am obsessed with tulle and my first vintage study piece was a 1950s tulle prom dress. Grease the film came out in 70s so the 1970s seams to be that transforming decade when we started the real post modern obsession with referencing on a big scale. The 1970s went through the 30s 40s and 50s all in its 10 years.

Back to the dresses, I recently renewed my love of studio 54 after watching the new documentary and buying the beautiful book by owner Ian Schrager. That combined with the glittering tulle I had been sitting on and some pink sequins. It seemed the right time. 

I wanted to make for two people. First - I love it when Cha Cha walks into the prom in Grease, just imagine her walking into studio 54. I wonder if she went? What would she wear. She definitely needed a disco prom dress.

Secondly the fashion kid. The kid who hung around the Harlem drag balls (like in Paris is Burning) and loved the clothes and the dressing up. A true fashion kid who wanted to get into Studio 54 and the only way to do that was with a killer outfit. They actually used to pick who looked best at the door! 

There the inspiration, here is the first piece. The disco tulle skirt!

sketch for disco tulle skirtdisco tulle skirt alexandra kingdisco tulle skirt alexandra kingdisco tulle skirt alexandra kingdisco tulle skirt alexandra king