Black Sequin Cabaret Dress


sketch for black sequin dress alexandra king


The black sequin Cabaret dress is part of the 'What Makes A Star' collection. I adore black sequins, I adore ALL sequins but there is something about black sequins, the subtleness of them, the dark liquidity and chicness.

If you've ever watched Old Hollywood black and white films of the 30s and 40s you'll notice how magical black sequins look. Just a glimmer of magic sparkling from the screen in a film noir with that incredibly dramatic lighting. 

I called this dress the Cabaret dress, after watching everything Fosse and Liza Minelli. Cabaret is set in the 1930s and there was a great 30s and 40s influence on design during the 70s. Black sequins fit the bill, with a punctuation of shocking pink and a cut designed for my muse Scarlett Luxe. 

What makes someone a star, that old Hollywood magic that is so hard to define. Scarlett couldn't be any more the performer, the more I get to know her the more I see how much the limelight needs her and her it. She can go from goofball to glamour goddess in the split of a second and its the ability to be both that is so magic. 

The dress is cut to a goddess shaped hourglass. Elegant in the high strapless bandeau neckline, strong lines of femininity with a pointed bust, cinched waist finished with a belt and a long pencil skirt that hugs the curves revealing the smallest part of the ankle. At the back, a large bow and trailing tails wraps the goddess as a gift all punctuated with that shocking pink satin. 

Above - Sketch for the black sequin Cabaret dress. 

alexandra king photography scarlett luxe

alexandra king photography cabaret dress scarlett luxe

alexandra king cabaret dress scarlett luxe

alexandra king black sequin gown cabaret scarlett luxealexandra king black sequin dress cabaret scarlett luxe

Scarlett Luxe models the black sequin Cabaret dress. Photographed at the Wells studio by Alexandra King.

alexandra king black sequin cabaret dress

This piece has now sold  More info on this dress here.