Black Tulle Ballerina Skirt

Black floral tulle skirt with captured purple velvet rose buds.

The skirt is very full with lilac purple velvet roses captured under the tulle. One of my favourite vintage dresses was a 1940s gown in black tulle with black sequin, v shaped waistband and under the tulle on the skirt was a hidden red rose. 

Flowers under tulle look so romantic like under a layer of dust. 

The tulle ballerina length skirt is very, very full because I love how the big hems make the waists look so tiny. Styled with a black crepe vintage evening jacket that has the most wonderful slim sleeves. The peplum sits over the skirt just right.

The skirt is available to buy as a one of a kind piece in the ready to wear section.

black ballerina tulle skirt alexandra kingalexandra king black tulle ballerina skirt




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