Day Book 14.10.18

alexandra king photography uk

I'll try and stick to a daily journal from today to record my working practice especially as I have started work on new designs. 
Today is the second week since my orders were complete and the last bespoke dress left the building. 
My goal now is to develop my work, grow my portfolio and produce the dresses I have been dreaming of for so long. 

This should be an exciting time, I have a lot of challenges ahead but really hope this new work will pay off. 

I am currently researching fabric production and working on my environmental and ethical policies after watching the latest Stacey Dooley documentary. More info will follow in a blog post. 
My aim is to not purchase any new fabrics except for lining and zips etc. in order to use my fabric collection and push myself creatively within those restrictions. 

Today I continued editing photos of the pumpkin dress, trying to mock up a 1950s style ad. I then worked in the studio completing the machine work on what I'm calling the black magic dress with star flocked tulle. Really loving the fun and low brow aesthetics of Halloween. The best time of year if you love that very specific type of vintage glamour, horror and weird stuff.

Ideas - Felt is now of interest after a private view at the heritage courtyard art gallery of Liz Clays work in collaboration with Japanese textile designer Miho Kanda. Mihos work is beautiful and I want to look at recycling felt and developing designs inspired by 1940s and 50s felt cardigans, accessories and skirts. 

I made a felt mask for a photoshoot tomorrow with the black plaid dress.