Daybook 30.10.18


It's always difficult to explain what I do and why I do it. Especially to people outside of fashion who I respect for their intelligence. Fashion can seem stupid.

The 'fashion' things I do, is about identity and transformation. Its no different from a child's dressing up box and what character each piece of clothing can produce. That world of imagination is a very good place especially in these times.

The real world can be beautiful but sometimes horrid and that extra bit of armour can rose tint our world for a second. This week what I do has made more sense from looking into director James Whale's world to a really eye opening message from a friend who has benefited from what I do. 


In other work related news, operation Bride of Frankenstein is been inserted into the window. I need to research more about the spiderweb embellishments of the 30s and 40s dresses. Jack Herzog did this holy grail spiderweb crepe dress so I need to know more. 
Its amazing that the Bride of Frankenstein is on screen for just a few moments but is the go too Halloween icon I come back to each year. 

Note for next year - remember how much you love Rocky Horror and the pink gloves!