Daybook 23.08.18 Wells

pleats by alexandra king

Pleats - I'm reading about photographer Edward Weston and his creative practice. Writing a daybook may help in my process over the next year. 

Above are pleats, beautiful pleats of a dress I fitted today. For a beautiful, joyful woman. 
Taking bespoke orders has taken me to many places in my work. The most positive part has been meeting the mothers of brilliant women. These mothers helped create people who will change the world for the good. They are exceptional and deserve thanks.

tresco print by alexandra king

Tresco - Liberty print. 
I'm not getting a rush of excitement with Liberty prints. They need something more, something bolder. The start of a new dress.

fabric by alexandra king

A challenge - I have hoarded fabrics over the years, becoming inspired by everything I see. I'm at a point in my work where I must start to work for a future. Each fabric must be manipulated into a dress of beauty over this coming year.  Trying to do everyday dresses you can get anywhere is pointless. The more spectacular the better.