Daybook August 13th 2020 - Blue Silk Dress

blue silk dress alexandra king photography daybooks

Today I finished the hand sewing on the blue silk dress. I used the finest hand sewing needle to get through the dense silk to close up the insides and secure the draped layer in place. 
The bow was fixed and I now need to decide if the hand painted flowers I designed for the dress will be needed. I love simple and just the right amount of detail without something becoming fussy. Every line must have a purpose and balance.

The dress stands up on its own after being laid over my knee all day.  I've been think of Dior throughout using this silk duchess satin. Its the most unforgiving fabric, no stitch can be unpicked without showing. But wonderfully classical, especially for this particular project based on beauty. 
I was listening about Wabi -Sabi the Japanese concept of perfectly imperfect. This silk is that, as a one of a kind piece and creating this by hand it will have imperfections that make it human. 

Travelling back and forth to the studio is becoming harder knowing what I could create in those 90 mins every day. One day I will have a home studio again and just fall out of bed to start sewing!