Deadly Spring Summer 2020 Research and Sketches

Spring Summer for Deadly is the Female isn't happening exactly as we planned this year, but here are the sketches and inspiration anyhow. Nearly all of the collection has been made, just in reduced numbers so it'll be even more limited than usual. 
The constant inspiration comes from Old Hollywood, but with the added 'Sass' that is so right for Deadly. I looked at the fifties rockabillys, girl gangs and Japanese rocknrollers. I love the modern reinterpretations of the fifties psychobilly and look in Cry Baby Directed by ohn Waters and Gwen Stefani videos. The Don't Speak polkadot tea dress is always a dress goal! 
The collection has a 1930s / 40s Old Hollywood Vibe alongside the 50s Girl Gang.
Delores Del Rio
Delores Del Rio in Polkadots
Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner in Leopard
AAnna May Wong
Anna May Wong in this incredible polka dots. This is such a stunning gown.
 Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth in Florals, she always reminds me of Scarlett Luxe.Doroty Dandridge
Dorothy Dandridge in classic deadly black and reds with a rose. I love this neckline.Cry Baby
Traci Lords in John Waters Cry Baby, the coolest girl on the planet. 
1950s leopard
Gene Tierney in a big leopard swing skirt.
1950s wiggle
Model in a gorgeous 1950s polka dot wiggle dress. Those bows all the way down the back!
gwen stefani dont speak polka dot dress
The dress that everyone needs in their life. Navy Polkadot tea dress. I think Gwen Stefani's was an original vintage 1940s dress.
Eleanor Powell
Eleanor Powell in polkadots. I love this set.
Gwen Stefani sweet escape stripes
Gwen Stefani in Sweet Escape she has the most amazing black and white stripe one shoulder dress in this video too. 
The SS 20 designs come from the original first collection for deadly, developed this time last year. The patterns and cuts have developed well now and have been the base fro the new Spring Summer designs. 

Initially I decided on the main designs and sampled them in everything I liked or thought would work. 
fabric swatches
fabric swatches
Fabric swatches and ideas gathered at the beginning of collection designing.
alexandra king for deadly is the female sketches
The classic Claudia's in this seasons colours of Navy Blue as a flutter dress.  Dusky Pink as a maxi and an idea to make it in white. 
alexandra king for deadly is the female sketches ss 20
The floral crepe dresses in red and white as a flutter dress and in black and red as a maxi dress and midi dress. In stock now. 
alexandra king for deadly is the female sketches
More classic Claudias in Mustard as a flutter, navy polka dot chiffon flutter and in Royal blue. 
alexandra king for deadly is the female sketches
The girl gang dresses the Kitty Kat wiggle and swing dress and the Jailbird stripe wiggle dress. Jailbird is in stock - Kitty Kats will be ready early May.
alexandra king for deadly is the female sketches
The black polkadot chiffon gown sketch this was also made as a midi. In stock at Deadly now. And the pink sequin Scarlett dress is on hold until this is all over. 
alexandra king for deadly is the female sketches
Sketch for the organic cotton rose dress. (I really hope to make this before August!) 
We then had a wonderful rainy Sunday trying on all the samples. A lot got dropped for various reasons, the print either wasn't Deadly enough or it just wouldn't work for customers. There is so much to consider when designing a collection and even more when its a collaboration as the dresses need to be just right for the Deadly customer in price and style. Claudia and Sarah know their customers so well and it is always about putting them first.

Sleeves were hacked off hems shortened and everything discussed until we had a clear line up. 
As you can see, everything had to pass the Scarlett test too! 
The initial run of samples. Many got a vito but I love what we kept! 
The original black and white rose dresses. We decided the white rose looked better with a flutter sleeve and a shorter skirt length to be a summer tea dress. We also made the Maxi's full length.  
sample day
black rose maxi dress
sample day
Trying on the blue polka dot tea dress This looked so good on Sarah.
sample day
These dresses were made for these two. The Jailbird stripe dress and the Kitty Kat wiggle dress. The Kitty Kat wiggle is now a little shorter to just below the knee. sample day
My favorite dress is the collection the black organic cotton swing dress with emroidered rose appliques. 
sample day
Claudia and Sarah discussing the final collection list. 
sample dress
The white rose tea dress, looked great with an underskirt too. 
sample ideas
An idea for draping on the Claudia dress this will be saved for gowns in my own collection. 
jailbird dress
The first Jailbird dress off the sewing machine! 
polka dots
polka dot gown
The black polka dot chiffon maxi gown. The red belt was an early idea which would we loved but we decided on a matching belt to come with the dress and a black mini slip underneath. 
leopard print
leopard print dress alexandra king
leopard print wiggle dress alexandra king
The Kitty Kat dresses this fabric is a dream with stretch and structure. Perfect for the Scarlett dress design.
Sewing the black rose gowns
organic cotton dress alexandra king
The organic cotton dress.