Ethereal French Lace Wedding Gown

couture French lace and chiffon bespoke wedding dress alexandra king

Recently I've had the chance to take a small break from from my normal sewing routine to not only move house and studio but to look through my old work. Its taken 4 years to look at the dresses I worked on and photographed back then and its really lovely to see what I did. 

At the time I felt like a hopeless wreck, anxiously completing orders in time, not being that happy with the reality of having a bricks and mortar boutique and not really having a minute to take stock. Now I can, I can look back objectively at what was good and what was pretty awful without being so bitter.
I will write a little more about the last 5 years another time but right now, take a look at this gorgeous dress we made!

french lace and chiffon bespoke bridal gown alexandra king

french lace and chiffon bespoke bridal gown alexandra kingFrench lace bespoke bridal gown alexandra kingfrench lace bespoke wedding dress alexandra kingbutton back wedding dress alexandra king


This was a sample of a custom order for a bride back in 2017 in delicate French leavers lace and silk chiffon. The dress was designed to be as light and ethereal as possible, to just balance and blend with the body beneath. 
Cut with full length fitted sleeves, a low scoop back and plunging neckline. Carefully placed appliques of the lace were hand cut and sewn over the bust to allow the wearer to be nude underneath without the need for a bra. The lace then blended over the hips to the silk chiffon full circle skirt, split high on the thigh creating extra movement and sensuality to the gown. 

sexy lace wedding dress alexandra king

I often think there should be an element of sex appeal to a bridal gown as a treat for yourself and your partner. This may be overtly revealing like this dress or subtle and buttoned up with some great underwear beneath, all depending on your own personal style. After all love and marriage should be sexy too. 

couture lace wedding dress alexandra king