Exercise will change your life



This is all part of building confidence and self esteem that I see so many women missing out on. 

A year ago I was crying on the bridal room floor. Now stress is a part of my life that I choose to use or switch off as and when I need it creatively. Exercise, going to the gym, running, swimming, cycling etc. getting in a messy sweat is great for you. 

I can hear the excuses already but once you start and see all of the amazingly positive side effects you will feel the same way as me. Exercise really is win, win, win and having a personal trainer to get you started and push you along is the best way to do it. 

Lewis at Rise Fitness started off by asking lots of questions and taught me about the right foods, needing to eat to be strong, how to take care of my body and how to set goals for myself. There is nothing better than having a professional there to ask questions and debunk myths. Its worth every penny and is by far the best way to get results. 
Lewis checks in with you, helps overcome Friday night binges and tells you, 'you can!' when you really need the motivation. He even taught me to lift my own body weight, making my back strong to cut and sew those dresses!

Its all about common sense and being intelligent about your body. Its the most important thing we have, so taking care of it by reducing fat and building strength will help us live longer, happier lives. 

Mentally for me, training is essential. Its sets up my day by de-stressing me instantly. Its better than any drug, alcohol or fad diet. And cheaper than any cosmetic surgery or alternative therapy. And its all in your control. 



I'm a runner now, but started last year not being able to run 1km without getting out of breath. I didn't do PE at school, in fact I forged a letter every week to get out of it. I used to smoke, drink and avoided any type of exercise between the ages of 13 and 32. I look back at that person and think, what an idiot. There is no positive outcome to any of those things.

A few weeks ago I ran a half marathon. Bath half was cancelled due to the snow but I still went out an ran 21.4km. I'm doing it again in a few weeks and next year I'll run a marathon, just for fun. 

I'm more focused with my work, I wake up in the morning feeling great and I can handle stress and depression so much better. I haven't cried on the floor, I'm really happy with my body and I'm really happy in general. Just one year and you could be in the same place, confident and strong.

As for gym gear, I purposely don't care about what I look like when I exercise. An old T shirt, tight sports bra (important to keep everything in place!) cut off leggings and a pair of Nike free run trainers which last me about 8 months at a time. No make up and I embrace my beetroot red face with sweat dripping off my nose and elbows. The transformation when I get dressed after is a great payoff. 

If there is one thing I would recommend everyone does, if you don't already. Its get a personal trainer and start loving your body! I have to be evangelical about this as I have seen too many unhappy women, unhappy with their bodies.

Rise Fitness worked for me, find a trainer that works for you.

Thank me next year x

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I am not affiliated with Rise Fitness or Lewis Matthews in any way, I'm just a real customer.