International Women's Day 2018

Yep we all have the ability to be fabulous people. 
There are so many inspiring women out there, this is just my first tiny few, I can't wait to start discovering so many more. These women will inspire the dresses I design. 
I'll start close to home with my grandmothers and mother.
May - farmers wife and mother of five children who in turn nurtured eight incredible artists, designers, teachers, doctors, engineers and cyclists. Being a house wife is being an investor in our future.
Mary - business owner and mother. My Grandmother Mary's story is why it is so important that we keep fighting for equality, civil and women's rights today. If she were born today, her life would have been so different. 
I am incredibly lucky to be able to call her my Grandmother and that my mother and me are here. She was a bright light that was dimmed by society and one day I will tell her story.
Marina - my Mum - Advocate for people without a voice and horsewoman. 
Everyone who visits the shop thinks Marina has always worked in fashion but far from it. Marina has worked for and supported the rights of people with Autism and additional needs all her life. From hands on care work to accreditation and advocacy. Her ability to help, care and understand people in need surpasses that of most humans. 

Today she  volunteers for Springwood Riding for the Disabled offering people with physical disabilities the freedom of driving horses.
Here are some more inspiring women... This could go on for eternity.
Inspiring Women Tereshkova
Inspiring Women - Madeline Cheruit
Inspiring Women Alice Guy Blanche
Dalda 13 Inspiring Women
Inspiring Women Sirimavo Bandararanaike
Nellie Bly Inspiring Women
Madame C J Walker Inspiring Women
Merit Ptah Inspiring Women
Trinidad Maria Enriquez Inspiring Women
Saritribai Phule Inspiring Women
Inspiring Women
Stacey Dooly Inspiring Women