Dear Diary July Newsletter 2023 - Think Pink!

Dear Diary .... Think Pink! July 2023
After my last update I thought I'd have a bit more fun with the idea of a newsletter / zine / sketchbook waffle. 

Alexandra King July 2023 Newsletter Zine Sketchbook - Barbie

I've gone down the dreamy rabbit hole of Barbie whilst the movie anticipation is at fever point. This all reminded me of Sindy and introduced me to the rather wonder Bilt Lilli. 

However the Barbie Movie is, I'm super grateful to be inspired with playful fun again! To be serious for a second, Barbie is showing us that there is a need for some joy, some silliness and some escapism in what can be a pretty shitty world right now.
For the past few years I wanted a hero to come and save us from the miserable focus of Brexit, Far right politics, Pandemics and War, someone to bring an epic level of hope. Maybe, just maybe, even for a few hours that hero could be Barbie? 

..... And back to my 'Fluffies' shoe clips an AK must have and white Barbie shoes which we have previously coveted.

My Sindy above is wearing Barbies 1973 pink gingham maxi dress which I've styled into a mini. It's cuter. I may have also given Sindy a little foot surgery with my scissors to fit her MASSIVE anatomically correct feet into Barbies shoes!!!! 
The Pink gingham mini dress was already in my collection from 2018 but its great to reimagine and restyle. Shop it here. 

Alexandra King July 23 Newsletter Zine Page 2 Dear Diary

Looking back through my archives and doing a little Alexandra King googling it appears Barbie has been quite the design angel whispering in my ear over the years. Especially with the Valentines dress, I had no idea there was a 'Loving You' Barbie in 1983 with the same print! 
Also influencing are 1992's Totally Hair Barbie with the best Neon print cotton I ever found. And of course the beautiful Indian Barbie in her pink silk Sari. India will always be an inspiration and the handwoven silk for this dress was divine.
This has been a great reminder of my archive and how it needs updating too. 

The vintage collection has been pinkfluenced too, what can I say, I love pink. After black its the best colour just before yellow and green and orange!

Alexandra King Dear Diary Newsletter July 23 Page 3 Designs sketchbook fashion Barbie Bilt Lilli

Take a classic black on white polka dot and an epic tiger print and make them Barbie .... or Bilt Lilli. More on Bilt Lilli here.

Alexandra King Dear Diary Zine Newsletter July 23 Colour Pop 

My latest colour pop maxi dresses are a small study in the joy of colour. Each a one of a kind as usual and in the ready to wear collection. My friend Spotty Lottie is an expert in this making the most fabulous colour popping prints for kids and adults. 

The vintage collection has some bold brights too and I'm loving the rainbow of dresses right now. Take a look here. 

The films that bring all the colour and some of my favourites are ......
1. Clueless 1995 - Its everything you could dream of!
2. Funny Face 1957 Audrey Hepburn - also everything you could dream of especially Richard Avedons production design.
3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953- Marilyn's pink dress! Those red sequins.
4. La La Land 2016 - the joy was so needed that year
5. Umbrellas of Cherbourg 1964 - influencer of LaLa lands colour palette
6. Sex and the City in particular Season 6 1998 to 2004 
7. Grease and Grease 2, 1978 Pink Ladies, Frenchies yellow prom dress, Rizzo's red polkadots .....
8. Barbie 2023 - Please be brilliant!

And not forgetting Mrs Maisel all Seasons all coats! and just as I was typing I remembered Batman Returns 1992. Treats for the eyes. 
I'm sure there are so many more colourful fashion films from around the world that I have badly missed? Please do share! 

Thank you so much film makers!

Also pictured above the colour pop dresses, an early collection in 2017. I think after LaLa land and the power of the colours. I loved this shoot with the wonderful Kim, Ti and Taylor. 

Alexandra King July 23 sketchbook zine pink flowers in nature page 5

Before we get evening more plastic fantastic, a pause to appreciate all the pinks in nature. Picked just meters away from the studio in the garden. The pink on the geraniums in insanely gorgeous. 

Alexandra King Dear Diary Newsletter Zine July 23 Page 6 shoes

Recently I've been buying cheap second hand shoes on eBay. I like to think I'm saving them from landfill but really I'm indulging in the pure joy of trying on shoes and playing dress up. I would encourage anyone to do the same!

This Barbie book by Billy Boy really is the best. 

From the best colour pop films for your eyes to the best pop for your ears. The soundtrack to trying on shoes with 80s girl bands The Bangles, The Go-gos, Madonna, Jill Sobule, The B52's, Aqua or Prince or the girls Prince has written for. 
The Divinyls', Donna Summer for those disco heels and No Doubt, especially No Doubt! 
Spotify playlist here.

Bright colours and black are a neon dream, remember this Liberty Print dress. 
And I'll have to save metallics for another month, yes I some fabric I'm eyeing up. Thank you Barbie.

Final Thought .... From the Paul Smith book, 'you can find inspiration anywhere' it really is true. Barbie however is the doll that keeps the imagination fed and after all 'Ideas live forever'. Thank you Ruth Handler x