Katie's Wedding Dress



Katie first visited last year for her consultation and it was wonderful to hear all the ideas for what would be a very special, personal and drama filled wedding. 

Katie was looking for something to suit her petite frame, that was fun and comfortable and definitely not a big princess dress. Polkadots and the 1950s styling was a great match to Katie's style and using her sparkly mint irregular choice shoes as a starting point really helped with colour selection. 

The original design was sketched, we had some lovely fittings and the dress as it always does evolved throughout this process. The original design featured a scalloped lace neckline which didn't work as beautifully as the bold. A green sash again was removed with just the placement of the simple green bow at the back. Giving a hint of colour without distracting from the clean lines. 

Usually less is more and with Katie being so pretty any fussiness would have turned her into a porcelain doll rather than the beautiful woman she is. 


To add to the collection Katie's Mum and bridesmaid also required dressing so we used the lily green for Jenna's silk wiggle dress and the most fabulous scarlet red for the Mother of the bride. 

The all looked fabulous and suitably dramatic for a wonderful performance. 

The original sketch and final sketch of Katie's dress. 

Red silk cocktail dress with sweetheart neckline, sleeves and dipped hem.

Green silk wiggle dress based on a 1960s design with bow detailing.