Lilac - Liberty Print Dress

red liberty print lilac dress alexandra king with bouquet one of a kind couture dress

I fell in love with this Liberty London print a few years ago. Whenever anyone asked for a printed dress we all sent them straight to look at the Liberty collections as you don't get much better. 

This is the Archive Lilac in a coral red, a big print featuring lilac flowers in ivory with sage green leaves and this warm fresh red. 
The dress was also made a few years ago and for some reason never quite felt finished. I wouldn't show it off as much as the others. I've had time take another look and give this dress the design finishes it needed. 
A matching self belt, I just love the buckle and a double asymmetric ruffle hem to add drama, ballerina length and give it more, more!

I love a strapless bodice and understand why some people may not feel comfortable. My bodices always have lots of boning to keep itself up at all times and I love styling these dresses with cropped sweaters over the top or a tight jersey underneath. And everyone's decolletage is so beautiful to show off.

Available in the shop, as with most dresses this is a one of a kind piece. The only one I have made. x

red liberty print dress alexandra king uk designer fashion