Mothers of the Bride

Two minutes on mothers of the bride, some things I have learned over the past few years and really need to say ... 

This is my first video just to say somethings out loud, sorry its not the slickest!

'Mother of the bride' just the words used to make my blood run cold.

I have worked on many of these dresses these past few years and not all have been good. In fact they have made me hate my job. But I've realized this is my challenge to put right.

Firstly, mothers of the bride are not evil Disney characters. That portrayal of the jealous older woman should not be made fact. 

There is no age, size or physical limit to style, in fact the older you get the better you should be at it. I do not want to hear the words "I can't wear that because of my age". What rubbish! Look at all the incredible woman here. Advanced Style

Get inspired and get happy with the way you look. Its heart breaking to see so many women, so unhappy with the way they look in the mirror. 
If you are unhappy with anything, just do something about it. It is not OK to hate the way you look. It may be normal but it is not ok.

For those struggling with body fat or nutrition (I'm sorry but it needs to be addressed when I see so many women stand in front of the mirror hating their bodies) I will always recommend visiting a good GP and then a personal trainer as I know the difference it can make in just a few months, just imagine what can happen in a year! They will work with you on nutrition and exercise and make you feel 100% happier mentally and physically. Whatever size you are. 

I do not want to hear about fad diets that I know don't work or even more ridiculous things like body wraps that just dehydrate you. 
If you don't have the budget for a personal trainer, there is so much online coaching. Joe Wicks talks a lot of sense. The key is listening and taking the advice.

For those who are perfectly happy and confident in their bodies, congratulations! This is what I want to see and hear! 


I will never, ever make a shift dress and jacket. (never say never!)

They do look awful on 99% of people and there is a very special place in Hell where they are sold to ladies who are looking for 'mother of the bride' outfits. You will be trussed up by big bird and sunbed barbie at a house of fashion and before you know it, you've swapped £1000 for a cheap polyester outfit with ruffles and a matching jacket that will never be worn again. The person who designs these outfits must really hate women. 

We just try to make beautiful clothes and the fact that you are going to a wedding is treated the same as any other event. They are clothes that I hope you'll feel amazing in and wear again and again. There are no rules, you can wear what you like.


Lastly please listen to me the way I listen to you. I'm the designer and I know what will look best. I do not want you walking out of the door looking anything by stunning. Its my name on that label. 

Sadly I have not been as confident as I should have been and allowed myself to be completely overruled in some fittings. It is really sad to see what would have looked beautiful become a butchered mess of a dress. Everyone who didn't listen, looked nowhere near as good as they could have. The customer is not the designer. Sorry!

I believe that everyone can look wonderful. My job is to design beautiful clothes that make you feel beautiful in them. 

Here are some of our wonderful women who looked amazing in their dresses!