My Promise to you

After another super busy wedding season its time to take stock, reaffirm my ideas on what I stand for and to look back on the year to move things forward with more sensational dresses! 

I have received the most wonderful feedback from all our amazing customers this year and I can't wait to show you all the work we've created together with you.

As you know I am an independent designer with a tiny little business designing and making dresses and accessories from my Wells studio. My Mum Marina ,yes that lovely lady who welcomes you at the shop, helps out along with our super skilled seamstress Anna Vickery.

Being so small I get to meet all my customers personally and build a great working relationship with you as we create your dress. This is really important to me and here is what you can expect if you would like one of my dresses.

An incredible dress - work I'm proud of that has wow factor. Made to excellent standards here at my studio.

The best possible customer service - You the customers are always right about how you feel. It is a given that you should happy when purchasing anything from us. Happy customers, happy me. I don't get to make dresses without you.

RespectWe treat everyone equally with the respect, kindness and compassion that everyone deserves no matter what age, size, faith, gender, wealth or ability.  

We Listen - listening to what you want is so important in getting your dress right. We are here to listen and to talk. Expect lots of chat about ideas, how you feel in clothes, weddings, everything in order to make your dress.

Time - our appointments are usually 90 minutes, time not to be rushed. I want you to know we have all the time in the world to make your dress amazing. 

No pushy salesNo one will try the hard sell on you, I hate it myself and I don't want you to feel pushed into something you don't want. We love sharing what we have created with you and are always happy to help even if you don't buy anything. 

Great value - Yes my dresses are expensive due to the time (blood sweat and tears!) and materials (the most beautiful in the world) that go into them. But I don't inflate prices and will do my best to work with most budgets. I will also recommend an alternative elsewhere if I think its better value. 

A Place to Relax - We try to make you feel comfortable and relaxed to speak your mind and try dresses you love. This should always be a fun experience never full of protocol. Keeping everything down to earth lets the dresses speak for themselves.

Trust - You can put a lot of trust in us not just to make you an amazing dress but to be professional, polite, compassionate and honest. I want to give you the very best we can. 

Confidentiality - what is said in the shop, stays in the shop. I'll sometimes share knowledge gained in order to help others regarding a design or situation but your privacy and details are always protected.

Individuality - we are all individuals and you will be treated as such. You are not one of a herd and your dress is just for you.

Feeling great about yourself - this is always the main goal. To make you look in the mirror and feel genuinely confident and beautiful in one of my dresses. There is nothing better than this reaction and watching people see how fabulous they are.

'No' - Sometimes I'll say no if something wont work and you can too. I'll never let anyone leave in a dress that doesn't look incredible. I'll kindly decline requests that may not look great or fit in with my design aesthetic. If you don't feel comfortable with something you can also say no or ask to make a change. 

Returns and Change of Mind - Your consumer rights are always protected online and in store. We treat where you purchase your dress equally and I will always fix it for you if anything goes wrong. 
Here are our Terms and Conditions in full. 

In return for all this I just ask you to be the great people you are and love my dresses. 

Ethics and values 

Buying a dress should be fun and make you happy.

We do not knowingly exploit anyone or anything in the making of the dresses.

We responsibly source fabrics knowing our suppliers.

Responsibly handle any waste from the production of dresses not harming the environment.

Respect for all people, animals and the environment. 

My aesthetic vision as a designer is mine (I design feminine dresses with nipped in waists) it is never intended to make anyone feel bad about themselves. What we wear and how we look should always be our own personal choice.

To be as inclusive to all, no matter what age, shape, nationality, gender, skin colour or ability.

We work with other designers and makers not against them. Its all about collaboration not competition.

We should all be feminists.
To talk politics, ideas and religion in a respectful safe space because listening to eachother is important. 

Support other small businesses doing great things. Recommending people we genuinely think are brilliant.

Politely refuse to work for or with negative people or companies who harm others.