Our boutique - Inside The Shop

After four months we are still working things out in our little shop. The move from online to bricks and mortar has been a huge change. No more having a nap on the studio chase or sitting on the floor sewing all night surrounded by fabric. We have people popping in and out, the dresses are on display and I sit at the counter listening to all the comments outside. Our window is made from paper thin glass!

The first time I saw the shop I fell in love, certain that this was the one. The alcoves where the dresses hang are hand built and perfectly lit in a tasteful french grey to match the outside of our five storey atelier. But maybe it's time to really make it ours? A complete colour change to show we are here and this is us!
Its hard not to react to every mean comment? I can never decide how to space the rails, do we have lots or very few? Some people say it's too fancy? It's all very strange this new world.

Its been interesting to see what people are like, who comes through the door, who doesn't. Mainly the customers of the ladies outfitters before us, to see what we've done to their much loved shop.
There are times I wish I could just grab the girls walking past and say "come and try our dresses, they'll look amazing on you!" And times I wish I had a giant boxing glove to boing spiteful tongued frumps back onto the pavement. This has been the biggest challenge, having the general public come in and comment on your work. I'm no longer in the safe surroundings of my online vintage niche.

Wonderfully, Wells is filled with fabulous people who do understand the beauty of a vintage gown and get excited about the possibilities of having something designed for them. Our new customers are brilliant and it's special when they put on their dress and say how great they feel and look.

Everyone is so interesting too. Gorgeous girls who squeeze their baby buggies through our awkward door with the hope we can tweak their dresses before the weekend, to farmers wives who have decided it's time to treat themselves to a bespoke dress with new found confidence. There's headmistresses, owners of MBE's, students, new Mums, Mum's to be, brides to be and little girls who run in just to tell me how pretty the dresses are and "did wereally make them?!" To my absolute delight, girls with skateboards come in with nirvana T shirts. I love them all and hope I to can share some of their style here soon.