Sequin Pleat Studio 54 dress

studio 54 dress sketch alexandra king

studio 54 mood board alexandra king

mood board alexandra king

mood board alexandra king

The design. 

This dress was all about the club kid getting into studio 54. The idea of this kid who hangs out at Harlem Drag balls (like in Paris is Burning) and is super into fashion. They want to get into studio 54 and the only way to do that is to have this amazing outfit. 

So a shocking magenta pink sequin, layered with sheer black tulle and ballerina styling with ultra fine straps. I wanted the dress to be fun and flirty with a plunging neckline. 

The Dress

Made in a sequin fabric with a plunging low backed bodice and overlaid in black sunray pleated tulle. This is spectacular under the lights!


The styling

I imagined the kid to either wear a matching sequin beret like Bianca Jagger or a Veil as pictured like Diana Ross. They'd wear sheer black stockings with matching pink sequin strappy heels and have massive curls or a cropped pixie cut. 

Maybe a ostrich feather trimmed opera coat to walk in with if its winter. I just wanted the people on the door to take one look at them, smile and say you're in. That night would change their life and start their fashion career.


I'm definitely going to return to studio 54 for inspiration. So many sheer and shiny designs to come!