Sew Your Own Face Mask Pattern

make your own face mask

I don't really know what to do with myself at the moment, Covid-19 has disrupted everything and I think I have washed my hands all I can before my skin comes off! 
The studio is closed to the public and I'm working between home in the countryside and the studio keeping my distance from everyone.
I'm prepping for a quiet period which may be a moment to take stock and reboot my creativity, it could be a positive break. As a self employed creative making sparkly dresses,right now isn't my time. 

I felt like I needed to do something useful so a face mask pattern is my offering. Used in the right way to protect others from your coughs and sneezes alongside with hand washing and physical distancing. It may just help a tiny bit more.
They also stop you touching your face and send a clear signal that you are socially distancing yourself.  
washable face mask

These are not medical grade and must be washed after every use in hot soapy water or machine washed hot. They may just be a little better than nothing if you have no choice but to get close to someone.  
Lois and a team of brilliant makers have also been sewing hundreds of masks for a local care company which are providing a little more reassurance to carers and their clients. See here.
Here you can download my pattern on etsy or feel free to email me and I will send you the PDF for free.
I will be making individual masks to buy here. If you are a care company needing extra masks in bulk please contact
Or email me for a free one.


This mask is designed as an extra barrier between your cough, sneeze, breath and other people. This is not for medical use or medical grade. PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS and SOCIAL DISTANCE TOO!

Masks must be washed after every use in hot soapy water or machine washed hot with bio detergent. Never share your mask.


A4 or letter sized paper - print out at 100%

30cm x 30cm clean medium weight cotton fabric

52cm elastic cut into two equal strips of 26cm (less for small version for child or more if you have a bigger head!)


1. Fold two layers of fabric

2. Place pattern on fold and cut two or three layers of fabric. no seam allowance needed

3. Draw around pattern and cut out

4. Sew elastic to the points on the pattern across the mask

5. Sew together the two layers right sides together with elastic inside. LEAVE A 2" GAP TO TURN THROUGH

6. Turn through and sew the gap topgether

7. Fold in Half and sew together the curved edge


Enjoy sewing them in different prints and stay safe :)
face mask pattern