Valentines Dress Designs

For Valentines this year I thought I design one dress but ended up with twelve instead. A dress inspired by each decade from the 1910s to the 2020s with my Valentines spin. 

Key to my Heart Coat Alexandra King Fashion Designer Sketch

1910s - Key to my Heart Coat - inspired by Paul Poiret's coats of 1916 

Sketch of 1910s inspired ensemble by Alexandra King Fashion Designer Drawing
1910s too - Valentine Ensemble inspired by Paul Poiret's Sorbet dress 

fashion design drawing of 1920s champagne hearts dress by Alexandra King
1920s - Champagne Hearts - ruffled tulle dress with hearts. Chest heart inspired by Sophie Fedorovich costume designer.

fashion design drawing of 1930s bias cut red and white heart dress by designer Alexandra King
1930s - Love Spiral Dress  - Bias cut silk gown with printed and beaded hearts

fashion design drawing of black and red love heart dress by designer Alexandra King
1940s - Hidden Hearts Dress - Black tulle gown with illusion neckline and heart motifs

Fashion design drawing of 1950s pink heart cocktail dress by designer Alexandra King
1950s - Candy Love Dress - pink printed silk asymmetric dress with full skirt.

fashion design sketch of 1960s pink heart mini dress by designer Alexandra King
1960s - Mini Hearts Dress - appliqued panel cut mini dress inspired by Pierre Cardin heart dress

fashion design drawing of 1970s muslin heart print maxi dress by designer Alexandra King
1970s - Floaty Love Dress - Block printed muslin dress with hearts and flowers

costume design drawing of 1980s red love heart dress by fashion designer Alexandra King
1980s - Pretty Love Dress - Red velvet mini dress with heart bust and sequin jacket. Inspired by Pretty Woman and would look amazing on Cher.

costume design drawing of 1990s grunge love heart outfit by fashion designer Alexandra King 
1990s - Grungy Love Ensemble - Mesh heart vest and layered skirt with white vest and rhinestone straps. Worn with Converse high tops. Inspired by Grunge and Gwen Stefani.

fashion design drawing of Y2K 2000s pink dress by designer Alexandra King
Y2K 2000s - AK Love Dress - Pink satin logo printed bias cut dress with lilac faux fur stole. 

fashion design sketch of love is love hearts dress by designer Alexandra King
2020s - Love is Love dress - Fringed full skirted dress with colour changing hearts. (ready for insta)

I love designing, coming up with ideas and being inspired again. Also realised how old I was when it came to 1990s and Y2K as these designs were a struggle to define. There was so much inspiration to choose from with each decade but like today, no era is defined by just one look. These are just some of my favourites.
Wish I had the time to make these all a reality. Happy Valentines.