Vintage Coats and Dresses - New Arrivals

Just a few of the spectacular vintage pieces that have come in over the past few weeks. And already left!

The vintage collection is incredibly important to my design inspiration and working practice. Studying these dresses is the best way to learn as all the greatest sewing techniques in history are held in these garments. I learn every day from this collection and am always sorry to see each dress leave. 

The 1980s Pink metallic Lamé dress above will be one of my all time favourite pieces. Its shiny and pink and just like a Barbie dress you can wear as a grown up. Designed by Victor Costa, who appears to be a king among dresses. All his collections feature the most fun designs. Just look on 1st Dibs here. The definition of 80s cocktail dress, each one a punchy silhouette. 

Vintage 1970s Suede Princess Suit

This was such a find. I'm not usually a fan of suede but when it looks like this I couldn't resist its Jane Fonda / Julie Christie styling. The suit consists of a beautifully cut biker jacket trimmed with cream shearling on huge 1970s lapels and at the cuffs. The skirt is high waisted, wraps tight and again is trimmed with the fluffy cream shearling. 
No label but a great design.

1970s Stripe Catsuit

I knew this was special when I felt the fabric of the 1970s disco set. A backless, halter neck jumpsuit, fitted to the high waist and on the butt with wide leg trousers. There s a matching duster jacket too. 

The fabric is a matte crepe with metallic gold running through it in the most fabulous disco stripes. From that very short golden age of 1970s London fashion when fine metal zips were used with fine fabrics on 1930s inspired designs. Maybe is was a London made designer piece bust sadly no label to be found.  

1970s red velvet coat 

As I mentioned before there was a short period in the late 1960s to mid 1970s when Ossie Clarke, Alice Pollock, Lee Bender, Clive Evans, Janice Wainwright, Bill Gibb, Georgina Linhart and Biba were designing amazing art deco inspired pieces. 
Great quality fabrics and techniques were still around and in London these designers were producing the worlds most beautiful clothes. It was short and is very scarse now. Ready to wear had taken grip of fashion and so many cheap bad quality clothes were made at this time too and still exist! But when you find a great piece from this era you can feel the beauty. 

This coat is a 1970s unlabeled brushed velvet midi coat with gorgeous shaped pockets, a super slim cut and narrow double breasted fastening. 


Vintage 1950s Red Satin Opera Coat

I love vintage coats, coats and dress always make me happy. This opulent red satin opera coat is gorgeous deep red duchess satin with a complete A line cut from under the arm falling to the floor. Such a statement piece. 

Satin is terribly difficult to clean but thankfully we have the most fabulous dry cleaner here in Wells who bought this coat up like new. He is a highly trained and experienced dry cleaner who can and is trusted with the most delicate items. He even cleans historical pieces for Kensington Palace.