We Love EU

I love the EU

Tonight the UK officially ends its legal membership of the European Union. 

I voted to remain, I thought everyone would. I thought a lot of people. 

Its been a depressing couple of months where I didn't really see the point in life, was I wrong for wanting good people and ideas in the world? The utter nonsense of brexit was fought on hate and fear by some very bad people. Hate must not ever win. 

The positives of the EU - Peace, the sharing of ideas, helping each other out economically, freedom, justice and improving the lives of billions -  never got a look in. It seemed that blaming someone else for your problems is a popular idea.
As Nick Knight said 'it was the death of truth'

But I can't let it eat me up any longer. Mean people, scared people and unhappy people do things that they think will make their lives better. Its a human thing to do. They will still be mean, scared and unhappy until they change their lives. 

Brexit may have made some people happy for day but it's insignificant in moving forward and won't change a thing about who I am and what I do.
I am still European, I have the same values. 

Nothing will change for my customers and I will keep to the same laws and ideas created by all the countries in the European Union. That wonderful 'bureaucracy' that promises high standards in product design and service, safety, equality and environmental protections. 

My little space on this tiny island is thankfully on a small planet that has never been so connected. We are open to the whole world, we cross borders and languages in seconds to lovely people everywhere.  

To our friends in the EU, thank you and we will always love you. Still our friends but without the benefits. 

We will be back for Bre-entry!