Wedding Dress for Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is the first to really spark my interest in anything. She's an intelligent, independent feminist and the lady definitely sounds like one of our fabulous brides. 

I have hated hearing all the tittle tattle about her private life, its a complete invasion of privacy and not really anyones business. What is our business is this beautiful article she wrote for Elle magazine, and this great speech she gave at the UN and the great charities they are supporting via their wedding gift list. 

Meghan will look beautiful in anything but I'd like to design something that would be ceremonial and thoughtful. Sadly I don't know her to ask my usual questions. The design process usually starts with a great conversation about clothes, ideas, identity and breaking rules! 

 Symbology is a way of speaking out through design and at such a public affair, is a great opportunity to state who you are. 

I'd like to think Megan would wear ethically produced fabrics Fair trade, organic or even recycled fabric. Embroidery is a staple of Royal weddings thanks to the Royal School of Needlework but lets tell a new story. 

 dress design for royal wedding

The dress is designed with simple lines, sleeves for church, off the shoulder taking note of how beautiful this cut looked in the UN speech. Nipped at the waist with a full skirt. Big enough to be seen in such a grand venue, but small enough to move and relax with guests until the evening change.

The colour will be in blush tone or a brilliant white, with just a tone different for the embroidery. Made in a fair trade, organic cotton sateen. Embroidered with stories of Meghan's life. The words 'wisdom', images of Botswana, peace and equality symbols, the olive branches of peace weaving into a tree of life. The detail wold be in getting to know what is important to Meghan. 

In 1951, my grandparents were unable to marry because of society's predjudice on mixed relationships. On Saturday Meghan and Harry will officially crush that prejudice and make the world a more hopeful place. I can't wait to see what brilliant things they do to help the world.